e-present for wolfshow

Source : wywcgs & fishcanfly
Time limit : 1 sec Memory limit : 32 M

Submitted : 25, Accepted : 1

wolfshow has just passed 2375 and is very proud of himself. He is shouting and running around HIT, being very excited. wywcgs is always on line and saw that in the first time, and he firmly believed that the data were not strong enough. He believes that wolfshow is an e-man and e-problems are always the best presents for e-men. So here comes the problem.

Given a rectangle of height m and width n, wywcgs wants to set up a simple polygon in the rectangle and use every point in it as a vertex. Moreover, for simplicity, he wanted each edge is paralell to the x-axis or y-axis. The polygon can have no adjacent edges on the same line. But later, he found it so hard to satisfy this condition, so he thinks about another strategy. Every point should be used but some may not be used as vertex-they can be on an edge.


The input consists of several test cases. Each case contains two integers m and n, with 10 <= m,n < 210 and m*n <= 10000.

The last case is followed by a pair of zeros, which should not be processed.


You should output an integer p with p >= 3(m+1)(n+1)/5 , followed by p lines each containing a pair of intergers ai and bi, denoting the vertexs of the polygon. You should believe the following things, 1 <= i <= p, 0 <= ai <= m , 0 <= bi <= n .

If you cannot find such a polygon, just reply the sentence "wywcgs cannot prepare the present for wolfshow. What a pity.".

Sample Input

1 1
2 2
0 0

Sample Output

0 0
0 1
1 1
1 0
wywcgs cannot prepare the present for wolfshow. What a pity.

Hint The Sample is not in range, so will not appear in the data.