Niven Numbers

Source : Unknown
Time limit : 1 sec Memory limit : 32 M

Submitted : 5612, Accepted : 1017

A Niven number is a number such that the sum of its digits divides itself. For example, 111 is a Niven number because the sum of its digits is 3, which divides 111. We can also specify a number in another base b, and a number in base b is a Niven number if the sum of its digits divides its value.

Given b (2 <= b <= 10) and a number in base b, determine whether it is a Niven number or not.


Each line of input contains the base b, followed by a string of digits representing a positive integer in that base. There are no leading zeroes. The input is terminated by a line consisting of 0 alone.


For each case, print "yes" on a line if the given number is a Niven number, and "no" otherwise.

Sample Input

10 111
2 110
10 123
6 1000
8 2314

Sample Output